Successful cash-in-lieu negotiations for The Lyric Lane Concept

The Director of Altus Planning & Appeals, Joe Algeri, was recently engaged at the tail-end of the decision making process for The Lyric Lane Concept in Maylands. Through liaison with elected members and a deputation at the Council meeting, Joe successfully negotiated a suitable cash-in-lieu payment for a parking shortfall of 25 bays.

Joe argued that planners and decision-makers need to step into a more vibrant 21st Century future and way thinking. A  small scale, local and community orientated venue that people can actually walk, cycle, catch a cab or conveniently use public transport to get to is a forward-looking proposal that is not stuck in our car-based, suburban past.

Joe believes this will be the first of many similar applications in the Maylands area which is becoming popular together with the other eastern suburbs along the train line.

The outcome was a win for all parties involved, with the unanimous decision by Council overriding the Officer’s recommendation.