State Government’s Bushfire Planning Reform

On 6 December 2015, the State Government released a package of bushfire planning reforms including the following documents:

  • Gazetted Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Amendment Regulations 2015 (LPS Amendment Regulations);
  • Gazetted State Planning Policy No. 3.7: Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas (SPP 3.7);
  • Guidelines for Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas (the Guidelines),
  • Planning Bulletin No 111/2015 Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas; and
  • Fact Sheets to assist in understanding the implementation of these reforms.

In short, the effect of these requirements are that any application for a planning proposal (development or subdivision) within a bushfire prone area should be supported by either a Bushfire Hazard Level assessment, BAL Contour Map, BAL assessment or a Bushfire Management Plan, depending on the nature and scale of the proposal.

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Ben Laycock, Planning Officer