Appeals CV

Appeals (now known as ‘Applications for Review’) are a complex area of town planning. All applications are dealt with by the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) and Altus Planning has the expertise and experience to deal with all manners of appeals involving local or state Government decision-making.

Joe Algeri, the Director, has extensive experience with town planning appeals. For private clients, local and state government (both applicants and respondents) he has given expert evidence and/or has been a representative in numerous mediations and hearings. Below is a selection of these cases that Joe, and more recently, our other town planning staff, have dealt with.

In mediation
As an expert witness (having authored a witness statement)
As Agent and expert witness (combined role)
As Agent (advocate)

SAT decision (2005 – ) at:

NB. Town Planning Appeal Tribunal decisions ( – 2004) relating to the above can be found on-line at: